Have a Baby Naming Ceremony! Alternatives to baptism, christening, and bris to welcome the new baby


There are alternatives to baptisms, christening, and the bris. I feel it is very important that this be said and word be spread, known far and wide. Why not have a Baby Naming Ceremony? For many reasons, this alternative is the best…

Introducing Baby. Picture this: you have a baby, whether at home or in the hospital, or even the backseat of a car on a highway. It happens. And you come home with baby to no one but your family. No visitors. No ample supply of hand sanitizer. No face masks on stock. Because you have told close family and friends to WAIT. Wait for the ceremony. Give yourself 4-8 weeks to adjust, heal, mend, adapt, cuddle, and love. Then, when you are ready (anytime from birth up until 3 months old, possibly even a year depending on circumstances), have a celebration.

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony like? Invite everyone, do an e-vite where people are invited via text message or email and R.S.V.P. the same way, or go ahead and order special announcements that double as invitations. Order a great cake and find the nearest Humanist Celebrant to you to perform the ceremony. Whether the gathering is held at home, at a park, restaurant, or other venue, a Baby Naming Ceremony is a great way to both welcome you baby into the world and have a meet’n’greet. Some may bring gifts, cards, or a dish to share and pass. You can select background music and even hire a photographer.

But, what about Godparents? I hear this a lot. Well, often times humanists (like myself) select Guideparents or guardians and at the celebration, announce who these folks are and, in an honorary way, elect them to this flattering position. Speaking as a Humanist Celebrant myself: Don’t worry…we have this all figured out. Here is a typical script.

Why it matters. Secular parenting and atheist households are on the rise. Whether you are a lapsed catholic or a pagan, or you consider yourself religious but don’t want to affiliate with organized religion or a specific church, you should have options. Just because someone is a non-believer or doesn’t attend or belong to a church doesn’t mean that welcoming baby into the world doesn’t matter. Your baby DOES matter. And you should be able to celebrate baby’s welcoming into to this world just like anyone else. And, consider it a bonus, your won’t have to put your baby through a ceremonial step such as immersing the baby’s head or body into holy water or have a ritual circumcision. Instead, you can have the type of celebration you wish to have YOUR WAY.

If you’re in Central New York please check out the services I offer as a Humanist Celebrant endorsed by The Humanist Society.

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